Prairie Wolf Farm

Prairie Wolf Farm is my little piece of nature on 5 acres in Northeastern Kansas. It's been my lifetime dream to have a small piece of land, way out in the country, to keep my dogs, chickens, and horses. My quest to keep chickens started out in the suburbs with a small flock, sans rooster, and blossomed into a small scale breeding and eating-egg set up, though now are kept simply for enjoyment and delicious fresh eggs. The rustic cabin at Prairie Wolf, aside from being home to feathered, furred, and human inhabitants,  has also become headquarters for my handmade jewelry creations. Inspired by the varied  blues, greens and rusty browns of my hens' eggs, my jewelry is inspired by the colors of nature. 
My  small flock of laying hens  keeps  my family, friends, and customers well supplied with fresh, healthy eggs. In the interest of disease prevention, farm visits are not available.
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Please note that all photos on this site are taken by me unless otherwise noted. They are the  property of Prairie Wolf Farm and may not be reproduced without my  permission. Thank You!
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