Prairie Wolf Farm


 The Celtic shield knot was once used on warrior's shields as a symbol of protection in battle. In modern times,they are symbolic in warding off illness and bad omens. Aside from it's symbolism, this Celtic knot design is also beautiful. Made from Australian pewter and imported from Australian artisans, I've paired this one with lovely iridescent, emerald-green, faceted beads. Both are set off by tiny black seed beads which wind up to join with 2 tiny emerald-green beads and several silver Czech seed beads. 2 silver barrel beads and a silver toned toggle finish this piece nicely. This is a really pretty piece, designed for a friend. Available in lengths up to " 20; please specify.        $25

Beautiful snowflake obsidian, known as a stone of purity and balance for the mind and spirit, is interspersed with dark grey seed beads to make up the body of this unique piece. A silver pewter Celtic knot, symbolic of the timeless nature of our spirit, is the focal and from it dangles a nugget of obsidian snugged between 2 pewter daisy spacers. Clasp is sterling plated lobster clasp. Measures 22"                       $23
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