Prairie Wolf Handmade Jewelry

                                                 Southwestern Inspired Original Jewelry 

                                                                Earth and Sky Necklace $38 shipped

Earthy red mahogany and poppy jasper stones contrast beautifully with the sky blue and yellow of mosaic turquoise, while copper colored spacers nicely set off the focal beads. Finished off with a copper-plated toggle clasp for easy on and off, this unique  20" necklace is sure to catch people's attention.

                                                                                  Properties and Lore
Mahogany and red jasper are stones of protection and grounding, and are believed to eliminate negative energy.They are also stones of healing, and are said to be good for someone who has been ill.
Turquoise has long been held as a sacred stone by Native Americans for it's ability to protect and bless the wearer. Also thought to foster empathy, strength, friendship and love,this stone has a long list of positive attributes associated with it.

       Red Sesame Jasper Earrings  $ 12 shipped

Beads of antiqued Copper flowers snug up to striated chunks of  red sesame jasper, which are strung onto antiqued copper ear wires.  These simple yet unique  earrings have an aged look that blends well with many of the pieces on this site.

         Purchase with any necklace and pay only $9

               Earth and Sky Bracelet   $20 shipped

Mahogany & red jasper and mosaic turquoise are interspersed with copper- colored seed beads, finished with more seed beads and a copper-plated toggle clasp.  

              Purchase  with above necklace and pay only $18

      Azure and Silver Necklace  $32 includes shipping

Delicate azure blue quartz pebbles, (also called 'blue denim stone'), striated with subtle black and cream veining, are strikingly accompanied by silver- plated barrel and spacer beads of varying sizes and shapes. This classic necklace measures 21" and is the perfect compliment to workday or night-on-the-town attire. Perfect with jeans!

                                             Properties and Lore
 Blue quartz, or dumortierite,  is thought to help bring clarity to a scattered mind, reduce emotional tension, and to replace depression with peace and happiness. This ability to bring peace to the mind is also thought to help encourage  spiritual development and   contact with spirit guides or angels.

               Azure and Silver Earrings  $11 includes shipping

Companion earrings for the above bracelet and necklace. These dainty earrings measure just 2" in length.  Blue denim quartz tubes are delicately adorned by silver-plated beads of different shapes and sizes, giving depth and brilliance to these lovely little earrings.  Purchase with a companion piece and get them for just $8!

        Azure and Silver Bracelet   $20  includes shipping 

Companion bracelet is a mix of silver- plated beads nestled between deep, blue denim quartz pebbles and  tubes, finished up in more silver beads and a silver-plated toggle clasp.

      Purchase  with above necklace and pay $17

                                Blue Skies

       Magohany Jasper and Magnesite Necklace $ 40 shipped

This 20.4" necklace is the 'yang' to the piece at the top of this page. Uniquely speckled ovals of deep mahogany jasper are capped by antiqued copper flower spacer beads, which are in turn, accompanied by rust-matrixed beads and rondelles of  sky-blue, turquoise-colored magnesite. Finished off with 8 copper-colored rounds, and an antiqued copper toggle for easy on and off.

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